SPIDER-MAN 3 [2007] – Watch Movie Trailer

SPIDER-MAN 3 [2007] – Official Trailer (HD)

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Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) finally has the girl of his dreams, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst), and New York City is in the throes of Spider-mania! But when a strange alien symbiote turns Spider-Man’s suit black, his darkest demons come to light changing Spider-Man inside as well as out. Spider-Man is in for the fight of his life against a lethal mix of villains – the deadly Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Venom (Topher Grace), and the New Goblin (James Franco) – as well as the enemy within himself.

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This movie looks great I can’t wait to see it in theaters

I just love how they showed all major plot points in the trailer and still managed to get us involved in anticipation on what will happen next while matching the movie!

I can see why people hate this movie but i personally love it as it shaped my entire childhood. Love you Tobey ❤️ Thanks for the memories

This was the first movie I remember watching on the plane upon my first arrival in the US when I was a kid. The feeling of nostalgia is indescribable. Thank you Tobey for being a part of it!

To all the people who enjoyed this movie, I’m with you. Childhood heroes and memories will forever be the best things in our life.

Never realized how spoilery this trailer was lol but I loved this movie

Sony should definitely give us the director’s cut of Spiderman 3.

15 years and still I’m getting goosebumps while watching trailer 🕷🤩Remembering the theatre experience of my childhood of Spiderman 3😍

This is gonna be lit. Can’t imagine this being the last in the series and for sure Tobey won’t pop up 15 years later in a movie with two other Spider-Men.

Mann this brings back memories. I remember I was 10 then. I remember me and my friends were so excited to see this! We all thought about how cool black suited Spiderman looked, and it just overall was a super happy time of my life: summer 2007. Great movies, great TV shows, awesome music, and amazing videogames. I remember watching my friend play Spiderman 3 on his Xbox 360, and my cousing playing it on his PS3. God I miss these times. We will NEVER see happier years like the 2000s decade ever again

I already watched this movie so many times when I was younger and its crazy how the trailer still gives me chills 😂

Don’t care what people say. I loved this movie. Toby the true legend💗