Squids & Octopuses – Mysterious Hunters of the Deep Sea | Watch Full Documentary

Squids & Octopuses – Mysterious Hunters of the Deep Sea | Free Documentary Nature

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If we ventured to another planet, and didn’t know what an octopus was, we would absolutely say “we found an alien!” It’s so amazing to see interactions with the divers…

The deep sea is like the deep space. Infinitely mysterious and interesting.

What an amazing job huh?! To go around the world doing stuff like this. I’m so jealous! ❤️

Octopuses are my favorite creatures. They are insanely intelligent, graceful, beautiful and unlike anything on this planet. It pains me that their life span is so short. My one wish is to be able to interact with one before I die. Watching the divers interact with them was heart-warming and emotional for me. This truly was a beautifully executed documentary, one I will revisit many times. Thank you for this.

Wait. The Humboldt only comes to the surface during full moons? That almost seems ominous.

Fun fact: the way seals and sea lions move on land is called galumphing. Yes, galumph is the actual scientific term.

The deep ocean is as eerie and mysterious as the deep space!

Thanks for an excellent documentary. love these amazing creatures.They really seem like aliens!!!

The divers & scientists & camerapeople are brave so BRAVE!! If it werent for their interests & documentation we wouldnt appreciate so much because of what we have learned through generations. In Aww all I can do is appreciate say Thank you. Thank You!!