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Storm Cell FULL MOVIE | Disaster Movies | Mimi Rogers & Michael Ironside | The Midnight Screening

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April Saunders is a divorced mother and a full time storm chaser. The weather is both her career and her full time obsession. Everything else in her life takes second place including her daughter, Rachel, and her brother, Sean. When April, Rachel and Sean get caught up in a terrible storm, April finds that she must fight for her own survival and for the lives of her daughter and brother.

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This was a fantastic movie had me in suspense/fear almost from the beginning.
Awesome acting but I’ve always loved Mimi Rogers acting.

Excellent movie – well done. Not one of those really bad acting cheesy movies. Plus, I love Mimi Rodgers 🙂 But Mimi aside, really was a good quality movie.

I hadn’t seen this movie and it’s great! It has everything!

Ha-ha.. my home state getting hit with a twister.. glad I clicked this on. Love Mimi R.

Good Watch, though the plot was little bit predicable, but it moved right along and had a lot more good action scenes than I thought it would. A NEW storm movie, with great tornado FX. NOT the same old movie with a new thumbnail!!! Good upload, TYVM!😃

“Basically the battle over global warming has been lost. We simply waited too long.” I’m no scientist but I definitely have to agree with that statement. It’s too late for us to do anything.

Really enjoyed the movie. Very realistic and good acting.Well done.

It just totally amazes me how people who live down there…who have surely seen tornadoes before, who have seen what destruction they’re capable of…how they stand around gaping at the sky & act all puzzled & surprised that there’s a warning. Do they not have enough brains to figure this out for themselves??!

This was a good film. Good actress in Mimi Rogers and the actor who played her brother. He played it fine.

I thought the daughter would get a Darwin Award! Well-crafted plotline though and surprisingly realistic for the weather depicted. Congrats.

What a great movie with lots of lessons. Thank for uploading, watching from 🇧🇭

Thanks so much for posting this awesome tornado movie that I haven’t seen before and I thought that was impossible with the amount of disaster movies that I have seen in my 62 years on earth! Have a wonderful day xo

Darn good movie. Best I’ve seen in awhile.

It’s really rare to come across one of these I haven’t seen. It hit most of the good tropes and the effects were awesome. Thanks for uploading it!

I’m an avid Stargate fan. I love seeing the actors I was introduced to in the series on screen in other productions. Elyse, who plays the daughter, was in Stargate Universe. the actors playing Sean and Travis were in episodes of Stargate SG-1. It’s a lot of fun tracking them in their careers. If you’re thinking “this guys has no life”, well, that’s fair. LoL

The daughter got on my last nerve.


Excellent film, very well made. Thank you.

Here I am sitting watching this disaster movie while outside storm Franklin is trying to blow my windows in, how ironic can you get.

Of all the things that nature can do, it is the tornados which scare me the most. I have been in them, and believe me, I respect them because of their destructive power. Seeing the daughter talk to her mother the way that she does, makes me really glad that I did not have any kids, but if I would have, if they talked to me that way, then their butts would have been blistered for a couple of days, yes I believe in spanking the little monsters.

That little boy at the start of the movie appeared in an episode of Supernatural in Season 4 also about 41 Minutes in the boy walking in the middle of the road who played Eric played Ben in Supernatural he made multiple appearances between Season 3 & 6. Any chance you can upload the movie bats from 1999?