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Summertime – Final season | Official Trailer | Netflix

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Are you ready for one last comeback on the shores of Cesenatico? In the third season, the protagonists of Summertime will have to make some pretty difficult choices… As they struggle to understand who they really want to be.

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Gosh I can’t wait. Ale & Summer better be going on strong again, Yes I’m never expected a final Season of Summertime, but I’m so glad. 😭but it’s finale!!

I actually like this show it’s a nice kinda slow drama that I looked forward to watching at the end of the school year

Final season?? 😩💔 We didn’t even really get to explore the characters too much in the previous seasons or see Ale and Summer’s relationship really develop! Let’s hope season 3 does that then! 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s a lot of haters in these comments, but this show is really good truly 🦋

Why does this show have to end 😭😭

Can’t wait. This show has me obsessed

I’m so excited, can’t wait!

I literally feel like me and 5 other people are the only ones watching this show

Minha serie favorita,não pode terminar!

Season one was really good, but season two fell flat. Hope this is better