SZA – Good Days (Audio)

SZA – Good Days (Audio)

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This sounds like a morning we all want someday

This sounds like a new beginning of life. Such a refreshing song

My go-to song whenever I’m happy, depressed, heartbroken, bored, etc. This song just suits every mood.

Got cheated on and dumped when this song came out. This shit healed me. I remember running at 4am just trying to clear my head the night after it happened, and this was all I listened to the whole run, and for weeks after. Such a special song to me. It marked my new beginning, and helped me realize what I am worth even if I was not treated such. Beautiful song.

The intrumental is just…heavenly

Song feels like coming to terms with everything and everyone you’ve lost and being completely content with ur current situation. Pure peace and acceptance.

I can literally listen to this song whether I’m sad or happy

3:58 this will always be my favourite part

This song does something to me. The way it makes me feel. There’s no words

SZA is a Nature Witch! Almost like every song cast a spell on us and I ain’t bullshittin………Her songs are enchanted man.🧜🏾