Taylor Davis – Scarborough Fair

Taylor Davis – Scarborough Fair

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Beautiful!! 😻 One of my favorites and what a creative and gorgeous rendition!

Linda melodia! Sempre escuto para trabalhar e estudar suas musicas!

So BEAUTIFUL.. It sounds like someone has lost their love to the Scarborough Fair.🥰

I’ve always loved your music so much, it’s such a refreshing and soothing sound at the same time. It sounds like it’s telling me a whole story and I guess that’s exactly how magically astounding music should sound like.
Hope you keep on playing these beautiful songs for a long time— you’re great.

as always, amazing tone and just a brilliant overall sound

yes so i had never heard the other version of Scarborough Fair and had to look it up and listen…hands down, sorry simon and garfunkle this is better! when i listen to these songs of yours i find myself with the soundtrack for my next D&D campaign. these resonate with me, excellent stuff! always enjoy hearing your tracks!

Belated happy birthday to Taylor Davis and what a beautiful peace of music

Not that I have to tell but don’t ever stop playing. I just love the different ways you can produce music.🥺🥺🥺
I also have a request, can you please make a video on the theme song of the game, Horizon: Forbidden West

this song is one of my all time favourites and this gave me chills. its soooo beautiful🍀😍love it

Beautiful. There’s something so wholesome and beautiful about how people are still singing and playing a centuries-old folk ballad.

Omg, I love this song for the long long time!! And now my soul and ears are crying from happiness T__T your music is so full of love, emotions and magic… Also love how it gives something brand new to the song. Like an old friend who grew up, idk

Scarborough Fair has always been a favorite song of mine, and I love your version of it!!

Miss Taylor please enough great playing 😢😭 I don’t have beautiful words to say about this magical playing ❤, each time you are more amazing than the one before , happy birthday to you 🤗 .

What a wonderful presentation of a favorite song, nicely done!

As me in the Eastern Hemisphere, I was about to go to bed when I saw your amazing new music video – Scarborough Fair! This classic piece is still played by you, which is a great motivation for me who is practicing the violin!

Always wanted to hear your version of this song.

Wow. That was simply amazing. Happy belated birthday Taylor

oh my god this was my mum’s favourite song. holy cow, i cant believe i forgot. couldnt have asked for a better way to jog my memory. thank you <3

A beautiful rendition of a song a came to know through a favorite show of mine. Excellent work as always

You are always amazing when I’m listening to it gives me peace of mind and Thank you for playing.

This was absolutely amazing!!!

Such a beautiful rendition…my new favorite!!!

This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing! The harmonies are amazing!


Had never heard this song before, and I must say, now that I’ve listened to some other versions, yours is truly the best!

when I listen to what he plays it’s like traveling to another universe full of peace, thanks TAYLOR DAVIS❤️😊

This was sooo beautiful, I just closed my eyes and listened while letting my mind wander. Thank you for this, Taylor, and happy belated birthday !

Man this brought back so many memories. I got to sing Scarborough Fair in primary school choir, it was really nice to hear it again

I’ve never heard this song performed with such… intensity! Great take on an old classic.

This versions is at the same time relaxing, intense and inspiring. Love your work!

I don’t know how you do it! Your music inspires me. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL cover of this song, it’s an old favorite of mine. Thank you so much❤

Absolutely beautiful rendition! I always admire your visible joy when playing. It’s something I try to emulate in my own playing and I always feel it makes a huge difference between someone who plays an instrument and a musician.

I love this so much! One of my favorite songs to play on piano!

The music of that composition sounds truly wonderful.

I’ve always felt this melody fit very well in a fantasy environment and you have proven my thesis, thank you so much!


Directed and Filmed by Jarred Davis
Instrumental, Violin & Mix by Taylor Davis

Original song is a traditional English ballad