The Black Knight Returns – Watch Full Movie

The Black Knight Returns – Full Movie

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As an evil force rises to threaten the city, a young man returns home to take over the legacy of The Black Knight, a high tech crime-fighter.

Director: Juan Avilez
Stars: Adam Salandra, Win De Lugo, Cheryl Texiera (Girl Meets World), Michael Gambino (The Riches)

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Yes I love this movie it rocks.

This is clearly the greatest film ever made. But actually wtf is this

omg, my son made much better films than this in College!

Hey mom, look what I made in my bedroom! Some of my friends helped…

Οραια ταινία μέ άρεσε πολύ??

So bad I couldn’t stop watching HELP MEEEE

Start Over ! ha-ha !

A.. Freaking welding mask wow so soooooooo out dated

Are u friggin kidding me? This is terrible. Thank God I only watched about 10 seconds of it. That’s all it took to realize this movie is utter garbage, sorry imo anyways

Stupid movie, stupid subject, how they answers to they sponsors I m not gona rate this movie out of respect for the money and sponsors that spend in this stupid movie

This really sucks, very low budget movie!