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The Bone Snatcher | Full Sci-Fi Horror Movie

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The Bone Snatcher – After miners disappear in the Namib Desert, some scientists find their remains and the demonic creature that killed them.
2003. Stars: Scott Bairstow, Rachel Shelley, Warrick Grier
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Man the memory of finally finding this movie, I had to be 7-8 years old and turned on the Syfy channel at like 1:30-2 am and this was on, it feels like such a dream seeing this movie, I only remember certain parts but gosh what a flashback to a childhood memory

I thought this movie was a dream i had back then.. watching this after all these years especially the part where the monster uses the woman’s face still scares the crap out of me!

A great movie. Really liked the fact that it was a desert. Way better than most.

For some reason I got my hands on it and watched it. It was like a fever dream. All i remember was the opening scene where some trucker looking characters got killed and pulled under a dune

I remember seeing this movie at Blockbuster Video years ago on DVD! I was 9 years old when this movie came out! 😂

Watched this a long time ago on tv, brings back memories

I watched this movie many, many years ago & just found it here. It still gives me the willies. Good movie.

Nice! I use to have this years ago on VHS. This is a pretty sweet South African horror film.

Wow ! That was a good movie, thanks for posting.