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THE CELLAR Trailer (2022) Elisha Cuthbert, Thriller Movie

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“It’s a film about ghosts”
“That’s not that scary”
“The ghosts do Math”

If you can afford a giant estate, you can afford a flashlight.

i can honestly say when i was that girls age i wouldn’t have gone down there, i would have put up with the darkness. also for the record what i would do today is i would have had my brother at the stop of the stairs keeping the door open, i would have gotten every souse of light i could for my journey down there and just in case i would have taken a few kitchen knives down there with me for protection and to build confidence.

Elisha Cuthbert is still a very beautiful woman!!!

I love Elisha Cuthbert! My favorite actress!

Looks interesting. Hopefully it’s a sci-fi, instead of a ghost movie

How do people not have flashlights? As for going into the cellar? Hell no! I would be locked in the room with my brother until the parents get home…
Probably with every weapon I could find.

omg she is back!!!! and it reminds me of Lucio Fulci – The Beyond!!! im here for it

teenager gets a scare in front of both parents….so lets leave the kids alone on the first night, then have her go down to the Cellar where the peculiar event happens lol the daughter is prob better off wherever she got sent to!

Elisha Cuthbert is now the mom of a teenager? She looks gorgeous, but the movie looks like pretty standard spooky-house stuff.