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The Curse | Full Action Movie

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The Curse (2013). Full action movie.

NYPD cop Ruda is a cop during the day and a religious Santerio (High Ranking Priest) of “Black Magic by night”. A curse is placed on the NYPD by the mother of a boy shot by cops. Now the NYPD needs Ruda to help break the curse in this action-packed thriller.

Director: Alex Maisonette
Cast: Michael Wright, Alex Maisonette, Felipe Luciano

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I watched it but, the acting was so fake that it made it hard to continue through the entire move. Just not impressed. Thumbs down for me on this one. Thanks for sharing anyway.

That sergeant us good looking though

C’mon guys from Good Bad or Bad Bad. We need you to review this now. My abs need a workout again from all the hard laughing. 😆

Holy crap Eddie Kane

svpHaitian actions movie

This movie is a classic

This movie was one of the best movies I ever seen 10 out of 10