THE ESSEX SERPENT Trailer (2022) Claire Danes, Tom Hiddleston, Drama

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Thank you to whoever gave Tom Hiddleston this role. You’ve made us all very freaking happy.

I will be the only one to say I so wish this fine movie was being released to movie theaters. Claire Danes keeps getting better and better. Tom Hiddleston is incredible as well. This will be a captivating film.

May I present the Cast to you: Loki, Juliet, Fleur de la Cour and Tom Riddle ✨

Just when you think Claire Danes can’t get any better, she tops herself. Looking forward to this!

looks like it’s gonna be heart-wrenching and suspenseful…tom hiddleston is insanely talented

Tom Hiddleston is a brilliant actor and this sure looks like another outstanding performance.

Tom hiddleston needs an Emmy, he is a wonder. So much looking forward to it.

I love this. I’m watching it! Tom Hiddleston either needs an Emmy or an Oscar

For the first time ever a trailer is so good that I think I should read the book 😂