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The Frozen Front (2017). Full war movie. Director: David Aboucaya. Cast: Manuel Gonçalves, Laurent Guiot, Laurent Cerulli.

In January 1945, the first French paratroopers join an American unit to liberate Alsace in France. They must survive attacks from the Germans.

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I can’t hold my tears back, may all souls of this war are rest and peace 🤲 ❤ 😪

Esse filme era pra ser dublado em portugues, e passar na globo. Excelente filme!

Of the many war movies I have seen, this one is probably the most true to life, the most authentic. The conflicted loyalty and care for one another, of soldiers fighing for a common cause,.. they still have to face and fight in hell on earth. Tremendous movie. Thank-you.

Why they didn’t move the convoy out is beyond me. Where is Tom Hanks when you need him

I never understand how there could be so much shooting but few hits. Doesn’t anyone aim?

Nice movie, but too many audio cut-outs.

It’s always been amazing to me the ignorance of not only Europeans but also of so many other people around the world who Insult what is to them “Yankees” or “Yanks” just because those troops come from America. People in America who live below the Mason-Dixon Line are not “Yankees” and, Texans are a totally separate breed of People all together. Texas was a Nation unto itself who fought and won a War of Independence from Mexico and only joined the U.S. because the U.S. needed their vast natural resources and Fighting Spirit. Texas must vote each session of government weather or not to remain part of the U.S. and one day I’m sure will decide to secede and once again become an independent Nation again. All this just to say, it’s best not to refer to Texans as “Yanks or Yankee” as Texas is as far south as a People can be without actually be in Mexico and they are fiercely proud of being Texans much like some countries in Europe who are members of the EU only because the politicians have forced this designation upon them. In the end we all came together, each contributing their individuality to compliment their Comrades in the defeat of the Axis powers.

10:47 Do you know which side of my heart? It’s beside you!

Well so what the English dubbed sucked. However this is a deeply moving story of the forces men women children involved on a very personal level.
I can appreciate each soldier’s feelings thoughts movements. Three are very up close and personal scenes of soldiers last moments alive. I enjoyed the soundtrack.

“you’ll be just fine, hang on” they keep telling guys coughing up blood from being shot in the chest and back, if you are coughing up blood like that you aren’t going to survive.

Still waiting for the third movie of Frozen Front.

Interesting, I would’ve thought the French would be wearing Adrian helmets, not the American M1 helmet, unless if it was because they were attached to an American unit.

Love the targets on their helmets..

And i could be wrong but with all of the WW2 documentaries I have watched , I don’t remember seeing fur lined coats that were worn by soldiers

Dozens of movies I watched, and in every single one it’s the same stupidity: Germans not guarding their flanks or not trying to flank. In reality unlike the British or US, the Germans used MG to attack, and the riflemen protected the flanks. Is it that hard to ask real veterans before making a movie?

One of the better examples/ trenches in this type of forest, hard to defend and lonely place to die

Overall not too bad a movie despite some of the bad acting. Worth watching to the end.

Strange articulate dialogue, not the broken grunts of normal speech.

Excellent félicitations à vous ..👍

I would like to see this in the original French. je parle aussi français. This is a French unit, and they also wore American supplied uniforms.