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The Golden Eagle: King of the Mountains | Free Documentary Nature

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“An excursion into another world, close and remote, reaching to the clouds” The Golden Eagle sees from the skies things we never see. Did you know it’s related to the Raptor? Its razor sharp talons give us a hint. Our documentary – full of spectacular wildlife footage – chronicles a year in the life of the Alp’s largest and most majestic bird of prey, and shows us things from its perspective. You will be amazed at the impressive scenery and experience shots rarely seen, indigenous animals such as capricorns, chamois, deer, marmots, eagle-owls, mountain cocks and wood grouses.

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What a beautiful documentary, of the Alps, & the animals that reside there.

What a beautiful documentary! It calms down my mind .

Excellent documentary 👌 Thank you .

More than beautiful birds these eagle 🦅 are amazing!!!!!

Such a wonderful documentary indeed! Very calming..all the while appealing and informative. Thank you❤ smh…THESE FOWLS OF THE AIR AIN’T NO JOKE!

Several sections seemed like the narration was missing, like maybe it had been edited down from a longer program. A bit bothersome but overall well done.

Beautiful video ! Amazing life !

Avalanches often prevent the golden eagle from starvation. Sometimes disruption and chaos is what feeds us something we need.

Really enjoyed this documentry

Impressive ♥️