THE GOOD NEIGHBOR Trailer (2022) Drama Movie

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Idk, Jonathan always strikes me as a sensitive kind person and he happens to be an exquisite talent as well.. so I’m not only gonna watch this because it looks awesome and intriguing…

What I liked about this is I felt like I could read a book on it. Basically the characters seem like book characters

what a romantic movie I wish I could live it , seems like paradise….

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become❤️

Jonathan definitely still has that charm❤️❤️

Runs over woman, sleeps with her sister……. what a creep! 🙄

This is the second trailer I’ve watched where they kill someone with their car and try to cover it up. Must be a theme this year.

ok this needs to be said, they are BOTH bad guys

Great movie. 👍 I wonder why they didn’t put out a trailer for this movie ? 🤔 It’s a bit sus.

LOL! I’m confused. Has the “good neighbour” already been exposed here? Hm, a whodunit/blackmail, with a twist? Who cycles at night wearing all black?