The Gorgeous Wildlife of the Mediterranean | Free Documentary Nature – Watch Full Documentary

The Gorgeous Wildlife of the Mediterranean | Free Documentary Nature

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The Gorgeous Wildlife of the Mediterranean | Wildlife Documentary

The contours of the Mediterranean have changed during the course of its history. Near Gibraltar, Africa was once connected to the European continent. When the land bridge at Gibraltar collapsed, the Mediterranean basin filled up again. The Suez Canal is today connected to the Red Sea. This route enables animals to reach the Mediterranean, where they cause problems.

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My family is from Greece and this video is absolutely stunning! The narrator’s voice is as calm as the beautiful sea depicted here. Thank you for the upload! Much love from the USA.🇺🇸💜

Ever since I started to watch these Documentaries instead of political debates my life became far more better and stress levels have also gone down.

I love these nature videos. They are very stress relieving!

A wonderful and informative break from the every day, political turmoil, and human conflict. Good for the soul and food for the brain. Thank you for your great content and terrific videography.

I’ve always wondered, are these documentaries made by this channel? Or are you guys re-uploading other documentaries that originally aired elsewhere? Either way is fine with me, I’m so grateful for this channel. I love relaxing in bed every night to these videos. You haven’t uploaded a single video that I haven’t loved! 💜

These German-made nature documentaries are some of THE best ever. Even their English narrators are some of he most pleasant I’ve ever listened to. I only wish some of the older ones were in HD, but hopefully new ones are still being made as well 🙂

When you’re in nature, you don’t have to look in mirrors. Instead, you’re either focused on the setting around you, or on what you are doing and remember that we are connected to all living things,so nurture the nature,save the nature starting from your own action because nature’s beauty is a gift.

My great interest and fondness for the smaller animals and reptiles as a child here in South Africa was inspired by that book alone.

His other books are just as interesting , following his exploits as a live capture expert of all types of animals, and reptiles for zoos worldwide.

Love seeing the continents that separate countries and all the beauty that exist..the wildlife and apes living in paradise but share all things..