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The Guest House (2016). Full thriller movie.

When a single dad rents the GUEST HOUSE of a wealthy bachelor, he soon discovers his new landlord’s generosity does not come without a price.

Director: Maria Gargiulo
Cast: Tom Alper, Timothy Pope, Savannah Lathem

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As a writer and producer of this film, I want to say a few things to the people that are upset about the dog. First of all the dog, Roxy, was not hurt in anyway. Secondly, the purpose of that scene was to show the depth of the protagonist’s mental instability. Lastly, Roxy is still thriving and will be appearing in another film of mine next month. If anyone has any questions about the film, leave them on this thread and I’ll respond. So glad many of you seemed to enjoy the film.

I enjoyed watching this one. It’s different and you won’t be expecting it. It’s crazy that there is really crazy psycho people in the world like Max. Worth the watch! 7/10 👍

Enjoyed this movie right up to the suspenseful ending. Hope there is another movie part 2.❤️❤️

Thank you for this Movie!! It was Comical, It was Emotional and it was Suspenseful!!! Love It!! Need a #2 Please!! Thanks Again!!!♥️👍👍👍👍

Wow, that movie was amazing. so suspenseful and the ending is creeping me out!!! Nicely done.

That was an awesome movie, thank you! I feel a part 2 coming up!!

This was such a good movie! Definitely watch.

The scene of him beating the dog was vile and disgusting……even though it was not real ..the dog sounds of her getting punched and screaming were just horrific……