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The Hired Killer

A professional assassin accidentally injures a girl on a hit job. Out of a deep sense of guilt and a need for redemption, he takes on one last job to make things right.

Director: Julian Cheah
Cast: Julian Cheah, Rod Manikam, Marisa Chong

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I was literally on the edge of my seat for the duration of the entire movie. How Cheah manages to pull off acting and directing simultaneously is still beyond me.

I remember waiting for this movie eagerly before it finally dropped. It’s another classic piece of work from the great Julian Cheah. Way to go man!!

Love the soundtrack, camera work and gritty action! Julian Cheah, you are a cinematic genius! Very suspenseful climax too and well-thought out characters. It must have taken awhile to make with all the stunts and elaborate locations.

I am really loving this re-edited version. Julian Cheah doing what he does best and we love him for it!

I have to say The Hired Killermore than exceeded my expectations. It’s a marvel to see how talented Cheah is on the screen.

Great movie. I love movies about paid killers, especially when they show more details about the real-life of the killer and his motivation.

This flick more than deserves a sequel. I hope the incredible Cheah does a part two. I can’t wait.

Julian Cheah’s perfomance here is simply unmatched to say the least. It’s a bonus that he acted and directed it too!

I do love to watch Julian Cheah’s movies. He really did portray his character too well in this movie. I would love to watch another movie with him on it.