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The House (2011). Full thriller movie.

An ancient resurrected evil is loose at Western New York’s largest and most terrifying haunted attraction, the House of Horrors. Its goal is to forever open the gates of Hell on Earth.

Director: Desiree Lim
Cast: Natalie Skye, Zak Santiago, Alex Zahara

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A different kind of movie to enjoy. A sad story often makes you feel, she will kill herself, or she is already dead…But moving slowly frame by frame it has a heart and some good ideas. I like it and can be funny at times when she made Christmas dinner for the ghosts…

i really liked this movie – it was unusual and thoughtful, it seemed boring at first but I stuck with it and I thought it was a different kind of ghost story

This movie is rather potent: it allows us a ghostly peek into hitherto insignificant lives of other people whom you would never give a thought about normally and profound stories of their struggles, aspirations, thoughts and dreams and their failure to achieve them as they realise the fated predicament of their demise.

Great movie! Unique, sensitive and caring. It makes us think about our own fragility in life, and how we take so many things for granted. I fell in love with the music artist instantly.

Houses are nice but scary, Iā€™d definitely choose a cosy apartment over a big house.

Such an experience! If we can really communicate with Ghost this up close. šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ The problem is when we do, other people will assume we are crazy. šŸ¤”