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The Invoking 2 | Full Horror Movie

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The Invoking 2 (2015). Full horror movie.

Although hundreds of disturbing paranormal events occur every year, most of these chilling encounters go unreported – until now. Bear witness as hapless victims experience the unspeakable terror of confronting demonic forces, murderous poltergeists and other evil entities that are dead set on claiming their souls. Descend into an abyss of waking nightmares as these bloodthirsty, malevolent spirits seek to possess their prey and drag them-kicking and screaming-down to hell.

Directors: Jamie DeWolf, Jay Holben, Corey Norman, Adam O’Brien, Patrick Rea, Jamie Root
Cast: Asher Kennedy, Iara Mandyn, Will Urbina

Most liked comments about the video

I was expecting a movie and was treated to GREAT short story, I loved it!

From the comments I’m excited. Seems like a good movie. Will give my reviews after I watch it.

Good old fashion horror. Just like meeting an old friend. I have PTSD so to me this is almost like seeing my own life.

Omg, I’m so glad I came across this. This movie is awesome. Suspenseful, creepy, edge of the seat jump scares. I love it. Thanks!!👏👏👏👏👏💖🥰❤

Wouldn’t the person who checked him into the hotel in the 1st place remember his face and just call the cops instead of trying to mess with a multiple murderer. Just a thought. All the rest were believable enough though so it was still a very watchable movie, simply down to each mini movie only being like 10 minutes long. Well done.

I enjoyed it immensely. Very fast paced and exhilarating! 😎

8 out of 10 .Good film .