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Nelson has a vivid nightmare of a woman being murdered, only to discover that it was actually a premonition and that he had witnessed the beginning of a string of serial murders. Now it’s up to him to solve the disturbing mystery, pursue the serial killer to find out why his dreams are being haunted, and ultimately, stop them from continuing their bloody killing spree.

Director: Steve Spel
Cast: Lisa Jai, Greer Bishop, Rosemary Gore

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Too many commercials. It is impossible to watch with so many interruptions.

What you will see is the terrifying collapse of a man’s life. He starts with bad dreams of future events, then bad dreams of past events, then his life becomes the bad dream. No one believes him apart from his fiancee who always stays beside him. You will need to wait to the end for any answers.

Omg can I tell you something! So I went on vacation and we went to the hotel where the lady in black died in! And my mom herd crunching and growing and it was super scary! But we survived the night!! It was super scary! And also there was a broken wall where the lady in black lives we checked out and it was super scary bc it tell when she was born and when year she died in!!!😭😭😢😨😰😥😓 And I herd a water bottle crunched!! And the lady in black died in the hotel that we spend the night in!!

Starting with the title everything about this movie makes no sense. I regret having watched it.

Im confused.. just gonna watch and see

Good movie poor lighting

I would like to rewrite the plot and ending

For crying out loud!

You need to be fully awake to follow this segmented story, ?

The Window 2014 (actually the lady in black 2015 with rosemary gore is a documentary about a flemish choreographer)