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The Last Days of Billy the Kid | Full Western Movie

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The Last Days of Billy the Kid (2017). Full western movie.

This motion picture chronicles the last days of the most iconic outlaw of the old west. Forget what you have heard before (most of that is rumors anyway) and ride with Billy the Kid as he tries to find sanctuary in a desperate landscape. The high price on his head has made Billy an evasive target for bounty hunters from all over the old west, and Billy knows that every time he rides out, he has a chance of getting bushwhacked. Unlike any other account of the Billy the Kid saga, “The Last Days of Billy the Kid” captures the fury, paranoia and heartbreak that defined the last days of the gunslinger’s existence.

Director: Christopher Forbes
Cast: Cody McCarver, William Adams, Jezibell Anat

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A very sober version of Billy’s last days revolving around the politics of New Mexico at the time and his romantic life unlike most movie versions which dwell on the violence of his times.The veracity of this version as much as others is however open to doubt. On the whole this version is sympathetic towards Billy as few versions have been in the past. However, too much dialogue takes away much of the underlying tension of Billy’s life. Marshal Stanley and Sheriff Pat Garrett have been portrayed as two persons who have been initially friendly towards Billy but who went after him after his mounting criminal record but leaves out their double game in the politics of New Mexico in cahoots with mutually warring local cattle interests and the vanity-seeking governor Lew Wallace of New Mexico, whose role has been totally left out in this movie.

The last days of the kid was a old man struggling with a very week heart attempting to make things right and clear up his past.

Low grade movie but I watched it. Thanks.

Wtf is this !? Billy would be rolling in his grave SMH…

Here we go again

This movie is to modern,prefer ealier version of Billy The Kid.