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The Malevolent Queen | Full Action Movie

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The Malevolent Queen (2015). Full action movie.

Arkus is reigned by Schiija. The Evil queen forces the inhabitants to give her their best work as gifts at the yearly gifts day. One day a former rival passes a hint on how to defeat the queen to the streetkids Jono and Saraja.

Director: Franziska Pohlmann
Cast: Anna-Lena Sender, Lukas Jantzen

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The creators of this film made me a wee bit more happy today. Thank you most generously. I cannot say much for the commenters tho’.

Thanks for this wonderful movie.

Ma bucur ca s-a terminat cu bine !!!

Mulțam ptr acest film 🤩🤩🤩🤩

The purest critcher😆

So glad watching movies from here to release my stress and learn more

A perfect life is family….

BEAUTIFUL movie thanks