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The Music Box (2018). Full horror movie.

An orphaned six-year-old is caught under the spell of a mysterious music box and it’s up to her aunt to save her before the last note plays.

Director: John Real
Cast: Fiona Whitelaw, Rachel Daigh, Antonio Lujak, Antonella Salvucci, Anita Tenerelli

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It was a good movie, Annabel was so brave to stay in that house.

The girl’s writing skills are very impressive – i have seen adults for whom english was a mother tongue being confused between they’re and their and there. How would a 5 year old have such high writing skills

So freaking good movie , really well done ❤ except the doctor who was like a robot .

The librarian slaughter was good😁😂

Pretty good movie. The doctor sounds like a robot 😂

People that can see spirits and they are a psychic I respect that 💛😇

Story was well formed through out very few actors but put all effort required for perfect horror movie

Hey guys, U can skip the ads. While it’s playing (don’t pause), just drag till the least end of the movie & then play the movie again. Voila, the ads r gone. Hope this helps bcoz I do this in every movie

Happy ending ✨

Really awesome movie. I totally enjoyed that.

The doctor got the Oscars award for best robotic actor

Cats don’t talk-make a connection with her eyes….& her mannerisms

Bloody good movie, highly recommend watching it.

Sophie is so cute 😍🥰

Good movie.
I enjoyed it.
Not much for slashers and gore fests that pass for horror nowadays.
They’re not scary, just gory.

Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God,and everyone who loves the Father loves his child as well.1John5:1

i saw this already but i remember it was funny and scary..i recommend highly

really enjoyed the movie. 🙂 thank you for sharing

why’s it so dark in that house? may be she should install some windows in the roof to get more light in there.

Well, I gotta so, I really dug this movie, despite the ads. Ads can be blocked, you know. All we have to do is select the option.