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The Nurse (Full Movie) Horror Thriller

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A traumatized nurse plots revenge against a catatonic businessman, whom she blames for the death of her family, by integrating herself as his personal nurse and plots revenge by killing off his family members one by one.

Director: Robert Malenfant (as Rob Malenfant)
Stars: Lisa Zane, Janet Gunn, John Stockwell
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Ótimo filme exemplo pra que não devemos confiar em ninguém!!!!

I’m really glad I watched this movie. Great lesson learned! Even though it is really hard to watch but summoned so much courage! Thanks for the upload

Great movie! Loving it! Thank you so much!

2019 Reading comments first to make sure it’s not a waste of time. Who else does the same?
Awesome Movie … Highly Recommend Watching

I liked this film, because, pretty good picture quality (not fuzzy), good sound, no adverts!, and is shown from the very start right up to the end credits, so nothing chopped off.
So this is one of the best uploaded films I have seen for a while, as I don’t have to try and watch it through a misted up window like many others.
It is a similar film to others I have watched, the evil Nanny, Babysitter, Woman who has donated her eggs etc., who wants to become one of the family and try to kill the mother to claim the husband, and ‘her’ children, or in this case, wants to kill the whole family because she blames the father for her father killing her mother, son and then himself, over a business decision.
I have subscribed to this channel a while back, and this one gets another ‘thumbs up’……….:)

It seems like I’m having heart attack while watching this. Well done movie!

awesome movie. totally loved it

Excellent study of the private health system in the States. Kudos to Lisa Zane for her towering performance.

The nurse was totally insane. Shes blind about her revenge of her family!

Her dad was a coward, he didn’t have to kill his family… I’m so mad at him

Dang that nurse is evil! Good movie, thanks for sharing 🙂

That man got paid to lay down (or sit) and be quiet the entire movie. I envy him.

I love these sort of movies, even if they have bad ratings, thanks for the upload, Cheers, from Australia 😊

great suspense filled gore free entertainment. and also sad. and a good story. well done and thanks for uploading.