THE OLD MAN Trailer (2022)

THE OLD MAN Trailer (2022) John Lithgow, Amy Brenneman

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This looks kick-ass!! Jeff Bridges looks and sounds amazing, so glad to see him back after his cancer battle! ❤

Finally a series that looks like old-school, manly, character driven entertainment. That’s rare these days, count me in!

John is one of my top character actors. Anything he does I believe him. Jeff and Amy are earnest and authentic and always bring it. I can’t wait for this.

Two immediate reactions: Jeff Bridges looks GREAT, and if something happens to those dogs I will burn this place down.

With a cast like this, I’m expecting great things!

FX, Jeff Bridges, John Lithgow, and Radiohead. Damn it. I’m in!

I watch everything with Jeff Bridges inside, but this looks awesome and exactly like the stuff I dig.

Yep. I always thought Liam Neeson is not old enough to be an action star. Finally.

Finally something in 2022 worth watching

Don’t be fooled by the gray in the muzzle, old dogs bite the hardest.

Akinnagbe, Brenneman, Bridges AND Lithgow in one series?! Daaaamn…I’ve found a reason to watch FX this year!