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The Orphanage (2013). Full horror movie.

After a fatal accident occurs, Nathan Perry is assigned to the Milwood facility for children. During his time at Milwood, Nathan becomes a victim of unforeseen terror and unusual behavior.

Directors: Evan Goldman, Jimmy Scanlon
Cast: Christian Goodwin, Jimmy Scanlon, Michelle Romano

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This was a horror movie. Not gore but psychological horror. It was difficult to watch but written carefully and well acted. These poor kids would need loving patient homes after all this. No spoilers, just know that justice wins, not the villains. Cheers.

From the first day that student Nathan came to this school, the teachers kept abusing this poor child and also tried to drive him crazy, like the other children.

It’s good to know that the evil monsters got what they deserved.

And as for the teacher, well done to her – she saved him and got him out of this damn school.

I thought it’s gonna be a traditional horror movie with ghosts and dark backgrounds. But this was more horror with real time experience. Well done. Kid’s acting was fantastic

An excellent film showing how the people in the orphanage mistreat young boys. Glad they were found out in the end. The boy who played nathan was excellent. This type of thing must still go on even today. PC. 12. 09. 2021.

Thank goodness for Nathan! He saved the other children from the sickos in this horrible facility. I believe some of the staff were sexually assulting the boys. Remember the scene when Nathan went to the bathroom and looked the under the stall, there was a male adult hiding quietly listening to him use the toilet. Then during a flashback scene Nathan recorded an assult taking place in the gym. The boy who played the character Nathan is a very good actor. I actually cried watching parts of this. This was a really good movie!

There should be a lot more of Judy in this world, especially in fields dealing with orphans. One with the passion to help, not just ‘fix’ someone they think is broken. 😪😪