THE ORVILLE: New Horizons Trailer

THE ORVILLE: New Horizons Trailer (2022)

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I’m hyped for this, the graphics looks incredible

This is more Star Trek than those crappy shows Discovery and Picard bleating on about feelings and politics. Thank god for Seth.

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that looks so amazing, so enjoyed the show can’t wait to see more.

Better then the most recent star wars and star trek’s that have been coming out!

Can’t wait! McFarlane made a masterpiece… Again

This seems very beautiful. I will watch this one for sure.

The real Star Trek is back baby 👍

Looks great, can’t wait.

So Glad Hulu picked it up from Fox! So good and intense! June 2! Awesome!

They better not cancel this, at least keep it going a few more seasons. It’s so good, it’s funny and serious at the same time. I feel the new star trek shows lost their edge after next gen.