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The Quiet Hour | Full Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Movie

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The Quiet Hour – In the aftermath of an alien invasion, a feisty teenage girl sets out to protect her farm from human scavengers who will stop at nothing in order to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
2014. Stars: Dakota Blue Richards, Jack McMullen, Karl Davies

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For those wondering: it’s a drama movie with sci-fi elements. So viewing enjoyment depends on your mood. I liked it. Thanks for the upload. 🙂

Yes, a good movie, atmospheric and well-acted.

Have to agree with the comments, a well done movie. Obviously not a “must see” but a “can see”.

Loved this movie ❤️

Great movie. Actors were great. And it was very scary even though you don’t really see aliens. Good ending

Tons of detonations, FX for Millions of Dollars,Killer Aliens that dissect all kinds of living things!?
No!!! For me a movie with insights into souls, with depth. It inspires me to think about how I would behave in these circumstances, how far I would be willing to go and how my personal morality would be defined. – Thnaxxx for uploding –

You know you’re in for a bad time when you begin with the sound of a shovel.

To me, Hope is not the word, it’s ‘belief’ in our hearts. Great film, great acting, Thank YOU.

A well-acted movie, with an interesting plot, but a deus ex machina ending

I really enjoyed that movie. Acting was good. Glad to see an Emmerdale face in a good movie 😜🤩

Good movie. Well done. It took me almost the whole movie to finally figure out where i knew this actress from: she was the young girl who starred in the film “The Golden Compass”.

I hate it when I think I’ve found a cool movie I’ve never seen before, but a few minutes into it the knowledge comes creeping over me and I remember the whole freaking thing!!

Loved it. Actor are good and the story is good also.

This was a great drama science fiction movie. I really liked the moral. Thank you. 💖🌟

I’m glad I took the time to see this movie. Well worth a look.

As long as there’s hope in our hearts, we’ll survive

Very nice little film, but I’m always mystified as to where people get their shooters from, come an invasion we will be laying traps here in the U.K as I don’t know a single soul in London or the countryside who owns a gun. Thank you for the upload, it’s great to have films like this in lockdown, much appreciated❤️

Excellent movie…Thanks for the upload.

Awesome movie – writing is good, acting is on point and the story captivating. They did their thing. 👍

Excellent … well done!