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THE RAVINE Trailer (2022) Eric Dane, Peter Facinelli

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You would think they would do some sort of testing to see how these trailers are received without knowing the plot. I’m hoping the movie isn’t as confusing because I really like Eric Dane. However, if I didn’t I sure wouldn’t even be enticed to see it at all.

Is it a tv show? A movie? When can I see it? I need answers. 😂

bring back Cal to Euphoria!!!!!!! show won’t be the same without him

eric dane can act

Leslie Uggams is 78 — she looks fantastic!

Mc Steamy’s been making a comeback lately.

At least its not a 2 minute movie like some of these trailers lately. Haha

Looks 🙌

This is just a pretty bad trailer, between the music and the editing…hopefully the movie is actually good.