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The Shooter (Free Full Movie) Classic Western

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In the 1880s in a small town in the old west a ‘shooter’ of reputation drifts into town. He stands up to the family controlling the town. This hero is caught, brutally beaten and left for dead, only to be saved by a prostitute that has also suffered at the hand of the town’s leaders. He finds himself framed for the brutal murder of an innocent family.

Directed by Fred Olen Ray
Starring Michael Dudikoff, Randy Travis, William Smith

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Thank you for the nice free movie. Heck, a lot more action than most shitty westerns with supposedly good actors. This one’s a keeper.

Na década de 1880, em uma pequena cidade no velho oeste, um “atirador” de reputação mergulha na cidade. Ele se levanta para a família que controla a cidade. Este herói é apanhado, brutalmente espancado e deixado para morrer, apenas para ser salvo por uma prostituta que também sofreu nas mãos dos líderes da cidade. Ele se vê emoldurado pelo assassinato brutal de uma família inocente.

Este filme é muito bom, faltou a legenda em português.

Pretty good flick. I find Randy Travis pretty charismatic, and I thought he handled this role pretty well.

Brilliant! Watched this film for the second time in a month or so,and still enjoyed it immensely. Something of everything. I thought the villain was Jack Palance,,sounding exactly like him.

I really feel like i was once a cowboy in my past life. Good movie!

William Smith sure made a good bad guy!!!! He is missed

Obrigada por postar. Muito bom.Pena que não seja em português

49:49 — Wait a minute. How did she buy those things in town if there’s a bounty on her head? In a small town like that, EVERYONE would know about that bounty.

The plot is a bit incredible. Why did he bothered with the woman and not just shoot Gerry when he had the chance. For someone who was just passing through, he sure took his time to get himself more entangled into the mess. It’s even more amazing that he fired at least 9 shots from his six shooter.🤔🤣

Very good movie, alot of suspense & unexpected events, with some humain emotions. Thank you

Muy bonita película del oeste. Muchas gracias señores.

quiet historic and interesting. i love the movie. worth watching over and over

Beautiful movie. Truly western.

Amazing movie I really appreciate the hard workers of this movie.

Very nice and enjoyable film, thanks!

Full of action and justice. Nice movie…

One of the best western movies. Thanks a lot for uploading it.

Very realistic – in all that street fight only one reload and that was after firing his pistol about thirty times lol. Enjoyed the movie, guess I’m too picky eh.