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THE STAIRCASE Trailer 2 (2022) Colin Firth, Toni Collette, Drama

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I’m not particularly interested in the story, I just want to see Colin Firth – so I’m looking forward to this.

The casting is so spot on, holy crap – Parker Posey especially

Omg the documentary was frustrating… excited for the movie

Even with Colin Firth, this is not a movie I will watch. There’s something very obscene about glorifying a man, who, directly or indirectly, killed his wife, and he has not been held accountable for it. Just watching the trailer, made my blood pressure rise. No way would I put myself through the very real possibility of getting a heart attack or stroke!

Imagine being so naive like the kids on his side?

How many times are they gonna tell this damn story 🙄

I adoreeeee Colin Firth and always have, from Mr Darcy to BGD to The Kings Speech, he’s so handsome and a magnificent actor…..but for some reason his American accent always sucks. He’s tried before in other movies failing too..Colin as an American fan…You aren’t able to do a Tom Holland…just play your authentic self..stop trying to play an American….warmly your fan across the pond!

Dam i m intrigued. I want answers to questions I don’t know.

El novelista ..

The nut job 3 movie trailer coming soon