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In January 2009 a resin tapper is brutally attacked and killed in the forests of Sumatra’s Jambi Province. In the following months there are 7 more deaths, each more gruesome than the last. The culprit is a 200 lb Sumatran tiger, a critically endangered species.
But this isn’t the only crime here. Over 60% of Sumatra’s rainforest has disappeared in the last 25 years, cleared by global paper companies and for oil palm plantations and leaving behind a biological desert. Man is not normally on the menu for these tigers but the destruction of their habitat and prey means this majestic predator has been left with no choice. With less than 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild it is expected to be the first predator to go extinct this century.
But hope lies with a small group of dedicated individuals. In a race against the clock specially trained forest rangers must find the man-eater before local hunters do. With so few left in the wild Indonesia’s Taman Safari must breed a pure bloodline of Sumatran tigers to save the species from extinction. As time rapidly runs out Zoological Society of London’s Tom Maddox must find a solution to the tiger conflict to save humans from tigers and tigers from humans.
This film reveals two top predators living on the same piece of land. It is the story of powerful creatures pushed to the brink and the humans that risk everything to save them.

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We humans are always to blame. Greed, selfishness..and when tigers fire back, they are to blame. Shame on us. If such a lovely creature goes into extinction, it’s a real sad thing

You guys are doing a good job with making these documentaries available

When I see them in cages it breaks my heart imagine how hard it is to be in a cage for the rest of your life

Salut dengan mereka yg peduli dgn harimau sumatera..

Big cats have always fascinated me. And Tigers I find most amazing of all.

Thank you so much to those who works hard to save the tigers. All Countries Government should take extra initiative to save the wildlife. Every animals have the right to live freely in their habitat. Save tigers🙏 plz.

When i was a kid, Tiger used to come to our village. We called tiger nagogo or oppung wich means the mighty. We never hunt them of course, but somehow their just gone. Maybe its because our forrest already change to rubber plantation so they lost their prey.

Thank you to those of you who care for the sumatra tigers.

It will never be the tiger’s fault. It does not deserve to be behind bars for the rest of its life. HUMANS ARE AT FAULT!