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The Summer I Turned Pretty Trailer (2022) Gavin Casalegno Series

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OMG.. finally there are making this teen books into series. I think this format definitily suits them more than movies. In movies they always skip all the small details which are the main reasons why the books are popular. I just can´t fall in love with the character in 80 minutes time. The whole story needs a build up. Fingers crossed that they did this right!

I remember reading this book in middle school. I still remember being up until 4 am reading it cause I couldnt put it down. I hope this doesnt dissapoint

I will be so mad if they don’t do these books justice!!!! I was obsessed with them!!!

I used to love this book. Hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

I’m unreasonably hyped for this!

Love to see it keep the teen romance movies coming 🤧💗

This is literally my childhood. I’m so excited for this!

Omggg got to wait till juneeeee ???? 😭😭😭 feel like that’s forever should have never came cross this now I’m ready to watch

Hopefully this lives up to the books or else I will be pissed. This series better give justice to the books.