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The Suspect (2013). Full thriller movie.

Tensions and racial politics erupt in an all-white town after an armed robbery puts two black strangers and their real identities into question.

Director: Stuart Connelly
Cast: Mekhi Phifer, William Sadler, Sterling K. Brown

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Only 20 mins in and it’s awesome! As someone who doesn’t live in The States, I only get to hear about the problems with racism and the damage it’s done/doing. But with this film, I’m getting a sneak peek into how it actually gets applied. And it’s subtle and behind closed doors, not people being obviously racist in the streets for the most part. Thank you for this movie! Also, would’ve been nice to see more aftermath

Good plot with credible characters, and the good acting comes with a steady direction. Several layers including subtle messages, wandering back and forth between retrospective and real time, but the editing an story still works well. Cinematography is smooth and well planned. Feels like a kind of light version of Steven King.

EXCELLENT! This is a well-played, written, and acted film.

the story works. concept has value. well put together, i have no criticisms. split ending, literary tragedy with a positive twist. (happy/sad/and harsh too).

This movie was absolutely amazing

This is a great movie oh my God I couldn’t stop watching it it was just off the chain everyone should look at this movie for the Contin of it and how it to pick society and how stereotyping is done I recommended this movie to all of my friends and so anyone that I can see to watch this movie is excellent Made in good taste in a lesson to be learned

Loved this movie, took a little to get into it, but it was amazing