THE TERMINAL LIST Trailer Teaser (2022) Chris Pratt, Action Movie

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I have been waiting years since I knew it was in the works. I’m nervous and curious to see him acting in a more serious role.

you know what would be cool, chris pratt remake of big trouble in little china movie

Chris Pratt is trying to be the next Tom Cruise lol

The new Mario movie is looking good so far

Sicario meets Manchurian Candidate

Looks pretty decent but for the love of god, CAN WE STOP with the trope ass “lets use an original song, mix it up a bit and make it ominous for a movie trailer”. Seriously, ever single movie coming out is doing this to original music works of art and butchering them. It is cringe, copy cat, over done and not appealing and in fact turns viewers away from the movie all together. STOP with the tropes Hollywood jesus.