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THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE Trailer (2022) Theo James, Rose Leslie

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I think this could work very well as a limited series. I realise that there are potentially many stories based on the main characters life, but like so many shows with high concept stories the probability of it becoming drawn out, convoluted or frankly boring exist. I am excited to watch this, because the leads are talented, but I’m crossing my fingers for a quick, but planned ending.

Theo we missed you since divergent glad your backπŸ˜†

I would rather spend a single day with the ‘right’ person than a whole lifetime with the wrong one. I have wasted years trying to make bad into good until the effort left me alone. I have found some form of peace. Quality over quantity every time.

When she said “Why is love intensified by absence” I felt that😭

This was a book first. For most of us who loved the book the movie left out quite a bit and for me fell a bit flat. This looks like it has more of the details that were left out of the movie. I am excited for this! And for those who loved the movie give the book a try!

This is going to be SO good. Selfishly, I hope the show has a different ending than the book and movie.

This was a brilliant book, brilliant cast Rachel Mc Adams, and my absolute favorite Eric Bana. All the characters were brilliant. I hope Audrey Niffeneggar has her hands in it.. I like love Theo James work but man. This is my fav movie/book. Im excited for it🀞🏾

a tv adaptation?!!!! I AM SO IN FOR THISSSSS!!! I was crying all the time when i watched the movie.

Omg I remember reading this book back in hoghschool for English Lit 😦😍😍😍 The memories that have just been unlocked πŸ™ŒπŸΎ I hope the movie is as good as the book

seeing him as a kid kid could be a good example of the pre destination paradox, in terms of how he learnt his survival skills maybe he literally taught himself