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THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE Trailer (2022) Theo James, Rose Leslie Movie

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THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE Trailer (2022) Theo James, Rose Leslie Movie
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The movie with Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams was stunning. In my opinion, such a film should remain unique. Try new ideas, adapt new books or even a write a totally original movie for a change.

I’m soooo glad this is gonna be a mini series, it’s exactly what the book deserves! It’s absolutely beautiful and heart-wrenching, the ending just about killed me and I really hope they do it justice! They left so much of the book out from the movie.

I loved this book so much, it has travelled with me, around the world, gone to friends and been returned. Currently held together by a hair band. I thought Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams did it justice, so was initially anti a reboot, but Rose Leslie is phenomenal, I will wait and watch!

I was always upset by how much they left out of the movie, the characters left behind, i wanted to see it all come to life. I really hope with a mini series they’re able to bring the whole book to life.

This book was one that I accidentally stumbled across, not expecting much from it, but oh boy it gutted me inside out. The original movie never held my attention (because it did not seem to possess the same intensity as the book) but this remake looks wonderfully promising! ❤️

I saw the film first that starred Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana when it came out when I was 17. I read the book at 19, and it’s still one of my favourites even now at 30. I hope I enjoy this new tv adaptation when it comes out on Sky Atlantic here in the UK.

I loved the movie and the book , so really excited what they will have done with this version. Theo James and Leslie rose are amazing 👏