THE TORMENTING: THE FINAL HAUNTING 🎬 Exclusive Full Horror Movie Premiere 🎬 English HD 2022

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Directed by Flaminia Graziadei … (attached)
Writing Credits (Suzanne Green, Matthew White

Pearl Chanda Pearl Chanda … Lily (rumored)
Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar … Leanne (as Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty)
Marc Zammit Marc Zammit … PC Fletcher
Josh Burdett Josh Burdett … Tim
Joelle Koissi Joelle Koissi … Pub regular / hospital inmate


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Not my type of movie, but pretty well done. 7 out of 10.😊 I found that nobody cares for your child like you do not even family. I babysat for years, I’m glad I could make those kids lives happy and safe. I took care of them like they were my own. I have plenty of happy memories with those kids. Some have even come back to spend time with me. The one 4 year old that asked me to wait for him until he grew up…brought his wife and child to meet me. Love those kids to this day. Don’t leave your children unless you are positive they will be safe.

The Final Haunting is a 2014 British horror feature film produced and directed by Flaminia Graziadei from a screenplay co-written with Suzanne Green and Matthew White. The movie stars Lucinda Rhodes Thakrar, Marc Zammit, Josh Burdett and Pearl Chanda.

Twenty-two-year-old Lily Reynolds hides a terrible secret that threatens to escape when she reluctantly accepts a babysitting job for unhappily married Tom and Samantha Thompson at their home, Grosvenor Grange. Echoes of Lily’s past seep out as she steps into the haunted house and becomes possessed by horrifying personalities.

Very good movie 🍿 I give it five star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You really need to like children to watch this movie, if the sound of crying babies is not for you….better choose something else.

So at minute 9:43, she just leaves the woman sitting alone???? πŸ˜…

They made the guy she met have creep vibesπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Brilliant film. Thanks for sharing 😊

This is why u don’t just have anybody watch your child !! 😑