The Weeknd – Gasoline

The Weeknd – Gasoline (Official Music Video)

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Felt bad for the old man. It’s pretty sad how we allow our egos, which only care about validation, to brutally assault and torture our souls, which have been through so much pain already. Not even recognizing how fragile and beautiful we are because of how ugly our ego perceive us, compared to the crowd, which it perceives as beautiful, even though they couldn’t care less if our souls broke right in front of them. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the way these were filmed and the expressions the old man had, we’re meant to create a feeling of empathy, which is genius because, well, it’s you.

I’m loving the 80’s vibes from The Weeknd and glad he stayed with that vibe with this new album.

It’s probably crucial to know what Abel is trying to suggest by this album. By making songs about the regrets of the past life only pursuing catharsis and the enjoyable and pleasing feeling of the current life,he is trying to escape from the dark and go to the bright light. He even mentions that heaven is not that far away and enjoy dancing with the music, which is mentioning to let go of anxiety and regrets. That may be the reason for Abel’s old man appearance, making us realize that we are not eternal beings.

Sometimes his songs feel like my depression and anxiety encapsulated in songs. I tend to push people away, dwell on my past regrets, and think about life/death too much. His music actually makes me feel better though like Im not alone. It’s crazy. We are born in a random time, random situation, have to become part of a random society, the people we love die, and then we die.

I’m amazed at how well this was presented. In case you did not understand it, here is my interpretation: at first we see an old man reaching the end of his life portrayed by driving a car. He is barely able to hear and nature has already begun to reclaim his body (he is covered with bugs). Also, he is confused and drives aimlessly. The viewer can tell that he is going in the wrong direction. He finally crashes into a stop sign which metaphorically means death (“end of the road”). Then he has to face where his decisions have led him.

To be honest , after i finished listing to the dawn FM i went back listing to after hours , there is such an insane story written in his songs , he is hiding massages in everything in his songs , he is written a story about his life in what he does call a “NEW trilogy” , i hope you guys get it
Best song on the album! Dude is on another level!

Let’s appreciate how he makes his album a whole movie. The effort that he puts in this for his fans and others is insane. No one’s doing it like him. 💖💖💖

Can’t stop playing this song and video, it’s stuck in my head. He never disappoints. Always creative and something new. Amazing talent.