The Weeknd – Take My Breath Lyrics

The Weeknd – Take My Breath (Official Music Video)

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I saw the fire in your eyes
I saw the fire when I look into your eyes
You tell me things you want to try
I know temptation is the devil in disguise You risk it all to feel alive
You’re offering yourself to me like sacrifice You said you do this all the time
Tell me you love me if I bring you to the light
[pre-chorus] It’s like a dream what she feels with me She loves to be on the edge
Her fantasy is okay with me
Then suddenly baby says
[chorus] Take my breath away
And make it last forever babe Do it now or never babe Take my breath away Nobody does it better babe Bring me Close to
Want me to hold on to you tight
You pull me closer feel the heat between your thighs You’re way too young to end your life
Girl I don’t want to be the one who pays the price
[pre-chorus] Take my breath away
And make it last forever babe Do it now or never babe
Take my breath away

Most liked comments about the video

This is a wonderful video. People compare The Weeknd to Michael Jackson, but he honestly encapsulates that feeling of 80s music and talent in general to me. With the music of today, this is refreshing and thrilling.

This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen to it, I never get bored. ❤️❤️❤️

This song is stupidity addictive I can’t stop replaying it 🔥🔥

I really appreciate The weekend’s work and progress in his music. He is one of the artists which gets better with every new album. I think he’s the only artist who really cares about quality of music nowadays. He shows an example to many other artists how to do amazing music and videos. He saves the whole music scene from the mediocrity and brings us an actual MUSIC. He’s so much different from other mediocre talentless artists, because he selected different way to success and gets better with his age. It’s so refreshing to see so intelligent, realistic and down to earth music artist who has an actual charisma and wants to be himself in this corporate music industry these days.

I honestly don’t understand how the weeknd progressively gets better and better. I always wonder what else music artists can bring to the modern industry and they always surprise me with how intuitive, abstract, and unique each song is. It really feels like it’s impossible to make music like that given the variety of music that is already out in the world, but god damn, the weeknd is so good at doing that. I’m so excited for his next album, it will for sure be even better than his current tracks, guaranteed.

I am 53 years old and I absolutely love this song! What he has done is perfectly and precisely embodied the best of the 70s 80s 90s and place it in a 2021 blender & produced 3 minutes and 40 seconds of pure genius!

Abel’s music is so timeless. He never disappoints 🔥