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For over 4000 years fishermen have been catching tuna during their migration through the Mediterranean. During the antiquity they were hailed as the “manna of the oceans”. We take a look at the long journey of the tuna to its mating grounds and witness their struggles including massive amounts of hunters and the strong presence of fishing boats.

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This is true we need to protect the conservation of the tuna’s population that in the recent years their population are decreasing due to the overfishing. I hope we take the measurements to fishing with limits, otherwise we will lose this spectacular specie. Thanks for sharing this interesting documentary. πŸ³πŸ‹πŸ¬πŸŸπŸ πŸ‘πŸ™πŸšπŸ¦€πŸ—ΊπŸŒŠ

Awesome show, I learned a whole lot of information ,let’s save our species and our planet

Unbelievable that some fishermen and countries do not understand that tuna must breed before new ones arrive. The Japanese should also be quite ashamed when they buy such small tuna and stop imports. Japan actually has the power as I see it and in a number of years it will be over when they do not stop it now! Really nice documentary.

Good documentary, however the greed is absolutely abhorrent. People better wake up and realize the oceans are our everything, they supply us with every second breath we take, it also is the temperature check of the earth, it also feeds us and gives us the very life we have. Thanks for uploading

Hats off to biologists. Lots of hard species to memorize that i cant even pronounce.

Almost every fish they started talking about included, “these fish numbers are down 80-90%, or “you only see small fish anymore”. Well duh, the tuna have a gauntlet of trap nets, fishermen on boats and natural predators to get through just to get to their spawning grounds, no wonder the scientist were having a hard time finding them. It won’t be long and blue tuna, swordfish the the rest mentioned will be gone.

In Sardinia, on the islands of Sant’Antioco and Carloforte,
there are some very ancient and very important Tonnare.
Penchè Sardinia is NEVER mentioned in these documentaries?
Sicily doesn’t exist only, you know …

They push the prey to the top of the waves. This way the predators have an advantage in space time. The water gets heavier the deeper you are. It allows a predator fish to get more wave traction when it vibrates forward. The bigger the fish at the surface, the more it is in danger. It will be a sicking duck. All the other fish can dance around taking turns picking away to their hearts desire.

Measures need to be put in place to stop these fishermen from over fishing the tuna though

Scary that these statistics are now almost 15 years old & I’m sure the great Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, quite possibly the most magnificent giant fish that’s not a Shark in the ocean & it’s being destroyed by greed, has suffered even more since. I’m no Green Warrior, I do my part, but this madness of humanity must end, & one way or another, it soon will. I pray it’s not at the cost of such an amazing animal.πŸ˜”πŸŸ

You know what pisses me off is that on the East Coast of the United States you are only allowed one bluefin tuna per day but you go to the Mediterranean and you’re allowed 6 million per day and they wonder why the tuna populations are depleting they need to put in a worldwide law into effect immediately and save the tuna and the sharks because if we keep going the way we’re going we won’t have any tuna as of 2030 maybe even sooner than that

The Governments should come together and subsidies the fishermen for 2 years and free for all until another 2 years is needed.

It’s vile to know that blue sharks are killed for beauty products in Asia.

No matter what species once it’s extinct nothing will be like before!! So true & powerful!!

where did this take place? so wonderful

Shark numbers need to be checked and controlled to maintain ocean ecosystems.

There should be an absolute ban for Tuna fishing for at least a decade. Then only Tuna population can thrive.

U can’t be fishing in large quantities every day and expect the number of fish in the sea to remain the same, government should take note and regulate the method of fishing.

Greed is man’s downfall! What a waste of the oceans resources. I can’t believe there are no laws regulating the overfishing! What he said about some, maybe most I believe will never rea h 8yrs old the age to reproduce makes me sick just hearing that!!!

It is so sad that we humans don’t know how to take good care of our oceans. We abuse them so much!!!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί someday, our oceans will get back at us.

EU should give out salory to fishermen based on quota, and in return lay of fishing for a year or two. Like you leave a farmfield alone one season. Just say stop fishing wont work.

Just one correction. The presenter said that the straight of Gibraltar separates the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean ocean. The Mediterranean is a sea and not an ocean!

putting of nets maybe scheduled every other year or two to save the tuna mothers that have just spawned.

So Awesome wonderful Video you make enjoying we, Love thanks