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Breakups suck, but single life doesn’t have to.
From the creator of Emily in Paris and Sex and the City, and the executive producer of Modern Family:
UNCOUPLED starring Neil Patrick Harris premieres on July 29, only on Netflix.

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Aww getting to play a gay character I’m so proud of Neil. I’m excited to see the full trailer whenever it comes out ⭐️🙂

i mean, if anyone can carry a show, it’s NPH, and super happy to see him express his chemistry with men on screen again. hope the story’s engaging!!

After dating all the women in New York City, he was bound to try something new

I am thoroughly happy for him to be able to play this kind of character, I pray there’s a little bit of Barney still in him

While I haven’t watched everything he has done, I think this is the first time I’ve seen him playing a gay character. Must be nice not to have to pretend that part at least.

This looks like “What if Barney was gay?” And I love it

He walks like Barney. He’s still Barney. Always be. Will watch this only because of NPH.🛐❤️

The HIMYM spin off people actually wanted, Barney after running out of girls to date in NYC. 😅

Watching JUST because of Neil!! Excited for this one