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UNPLUGGING Trailer (2022) Eva Longoria, Comedy, Romantic Movie

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The hawk response got me! I’m in!!

I thought I knew where this was going, and then it seemed to take a turn, but I’m not sure which way it was trying to go.

This might end up been actually good, nothing wrong with been amused for 90 or so minutes fingers crossed. Will give it a watch.

imma gonna watch this for sure !! count me in !

taking time off from your devices, internet, social media, etc can be relaxing for some people. for some people just turning them off for a couple of minutes a day or an hour or so is enough. some people need a vacation away from them.

This actually looks kinda fun, I’m tired of preachy/woke stuff and dreary/murder stuff. Time for fun/crazy stuff.

The “Dewersons?” I don’t know if there is a more screenwriter-y last name than that. Can we sue him (or god forbid… her) for being a hack?

Live action for “The Mitchells vs the Machines” looks strange… XD

Definitely not that,would have gotten her divorce papers

Didn’t they do something like this before?