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Virgin of Juarez (Full Movie) Crime l Drama. Minnie Driver

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While on assignment, Lost Angeles based reporter Karina Danes meets Mariela, rare survivor of one of the vicious attacks taking place in the border town of Cuidad Juarez.During her recovery, Mariela sees visions of the Virgin Mary and experiences the phenomenon of stigmata.Mariela and her sermons galvanize a public in need of hope.

Directed by Kevin James Dobson
Starring Minnie Driver, Esai Morales, Ana Claudia Talancón

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I’m watching this because I just got a tooth 🦷-pulled, But I remember reading something about this not long ago (2014) and it is very sad that it still goes on today! The article had to do with a political persons participation but adults/children should never happen! As we all know in a perfect world it would not.But there are countries where things I won’t mention are legal that are illegal here for countless reasons.

More of these type of movies will convert the heart n soul of everyone ..Good movie.Thanks….

Such a sad reality. I hope the people behind this evil act of abduction, rape and murder of young women in Mexico and Canada (and other countries) are caught or meet a horrible end.

Great flick! Kudos! I love Minnie Driver💕

Eye opening movie…the disgust a human can do is beyond amazing…it isn’t the devil nor God it’s each and every individual thinking they are commander of life and death, which creates this ugliness!

Just remember evil will be defeated and Truth and love will always prevail.

This was an awesome movie!

This movie tells a sad story – but one that needs to be told. May Jesus & Blessed Mary protect the poor & the exploited in Mexico & every nation in the world. Amen.

Hace tiempo buscaba esta pelicula ponela en español xfavor

Very sad story. In Canada a lot of native american woman disappear without a trace even now.

Tanta violencia para no ser traducida al español, ganas de imposibilitar el entendimiento.