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There’s no reason for anyone to rush in Wales – if only there wasn’t the tide that keeps everyone on their toes: from the cockle collector, the Punch & Judy puppeteer on the beach, to the female parish priest of Saint Cwyfan, the little “Church in the Sea”. If her sermon is too long, the entire congregation is stuck on the church island.

Countless Hollywood films have been shot on the spectacular Welsh coast, but the Mars robot, which moves across the beach at Clarach Bay, is real. The landscape is reminiscent of the red planet – a perfect test mission for the Mars mission planned by the European Space Agency, or ESA.

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Wales is such an underrated country, I originate in the South. Just as beautiful as the North and just as worthy of a trip. For those who may be thinking the language is a challenge Welsh people speak English and are more than happy to help you out. We love when people come to see our country and respect it’s history and culture.

5 miles from Brecon Beacons national Park šŸ˜Š Wales is the best. Weather not extreme..landscape stunning. Friendly people

Absolutely love this documentary and when it started using music from utopia it was like incredible

What a place šŸ˜

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I live in Llanelli in the south really great country the best place in the world

Such an underrated country. Often seen as little England, yet not anywhere close to being true! And they are Somewhat more friendly and down to earth than the English. And don’t really like to cause a fuss over anything. Even when they have valid reason to.

I’d like to eventually travel here in the future

Wonderful man that loves rock and roll!