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What if the trip of your life means not coming back home? Welcome to Eden, season 1, coming this May 6, only on Netflix.

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This looks like a more chaotic Elite and I’m excited to see it

Everyone is talking about Belinda returning to acting I’m so exited too 💙🦋

I will finally see the Princess of Latin Pop Belinda in her return to acting.

Can’t wait to watch this ♥️ Belinda looks perfect 🥰

I hope this sci-fi spanish series have at least like 3 or 5 seasons, I’m so excited

I really like lord of the flies, hunger games, the wilds, alice in borderland, type of genre, cant wait for this

This feels like it will be a hit series.

This will be out the same day as THE WILDS season 2, super hyped can’t wait

I’m so ready to see Belinda acting again. 🤍

am i the only one who recognized the ring-shaped house from this one netflix-series about curious houses all around the world?