Where Truth Lies – Watch Full Movie

Where Truth Lies – Full Movie

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A doctor turns to alcohol after his wife dies. Desperate to stop, he tries an experimental rehab program that blurs reality and dreams.

Directed: William H. Molina

Cast: John Savage (The Deer Hunter), Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City), Malcom McDowell (Clockwork Orange), Danielle Nicolet (Central Intelligence), Sam J. Jones (Ted), Rance Howard (A Beautiful Mind).

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REAL cc/English subtitles! Go ahead, killer, mumble unintelligibly, I can READ what you said! This is only the 2nd time I’ve ever found a movie on YouTube with Real Sub-titles. Thank you, oh, and the movie is EXCELLENT!

The movie kept my attention but I don’t know how I really felt about it. I’m left feeling what was in the medication because I don’t believe it was a placebo. All I can say is judge for yourself.

A disturbing film leaves me wondering who is deceiving who or not?

I really hate it when the script writers have a woman who has just been slapped /hit hard, across the face, falls to the ground and then, starts crawling slowly, as though her legs were broken, like an injured animal…instead of getting back up on her feet!
That is so pathetic! Such terrible writing…Most women would never do that.
I know that I wouldn’t!

Did not like this one at all. Movies should let us hope, especially in our world today. This is such a travesty!

O My God😰😭😭😭😭