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White Shark Tourism: A Dangerous Gamble | Blue Realm | Free Documentary Nature

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Believe it or not, many scuba divers want to see great whites up close, and photographers want dramatic shots. But how do you get the sharks to where you want them? For decades, it’s been done by baiting, or “chumming” – attracting sharks with food. This practice is being questioned and banned in many countries because of a dramatic increase in shark attacks.
In April 2012, a champion South African surfer was killed by a great white and shark tourism operators and documentary filmmakers were blamed. They were chumming in the area at the time of the attack. In Western Australia, 5 deaths are attributed to white sharks in just the first 6 months of 2012. Three surfers have also been killed by the sharks recently in California – more deadly attacks in a year than in the past dozen years combined. And the sharks have even been spotted as far north as Canada and a swimmer was attacked in Massachusetts. What’s going on?

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Every time I see that footage of all of those shark fins I get more and more upset…that last statement in this video made me so emotional…to think that this is the last we will see of these majestic creatures…what a great shame…

We’re losing so many species because of certain nations. I’d like to see trade embargoes placed on these nations until they step up and actually do something.

Ppl need to respect the oceans!!! That’s their territory not ours. Enter at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!

Definitely something I need to experience at some point, I’ve always been fascinated by sharks especially great white sharks ever since I was a kid.

I lost it when the seal climbed on the boat so cute

Lol.. they spent all that time talking about how great it is they can get the sharks to come without chumming or baiting the water then all of a sudden they’re like “But this year we’re allowed to get a permit to bait the waters… sooo yeah.”

Many white sharks up and down the New England coast with protected seals. Also Sable Island now a National Park off Nova Scotia has a 400,000 individuals in the seal colony. That’s got to be a lot of pee and poo floating around. A woman was bitten and killed by a white shark last week in the Gulf of Maine. Scary 1st time recorded.

It shouldnt be about species. All sharks should be protected. I say sharks but anything down there should be protected.