Whitetip Reef Sharks: Deadly Nocturnal Predators | Free Documentary Nature – Watch Full Documentary

Whitetip Reef Sharks: Deadly Nocturnal Predators | Free Documentary Nature

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With the aid of modern technology, we reveal the unknown behaviour of some unusual species of shark: lemon sharks and their white-tip reef counterparts.

Our film trip begins in the Bahamas. To be more precise: in the turquoise-blue waters of the Grand Bahama Bank, in an exactly fixed location. In the spring, 70 – 80 pregnant lemon sharks arrive here. This huge shark population was first discovered just a few years ago by shark researcher, Professor Sam Gruber.
Many of the females are tired and rest on the seabed. Pregnant tiger sharks swim in the midst of this group. Without any protection whatsoever, our cameramen shoot their footage, surrounded by sharks and succeed in capturing images hitherto unseen.

We continue our journey to Gainesville, Florida, to meet Gordon Hubbell, the leading shark denture expert with the world’s largest shark denture collection. He knows everything about the evolutionary history of the lemon sharks, in addition to those of the white-tip reef variety off Cocos Island, Costa Rica. Here, we encounter large schools of fish, unprecedented numbers of stingrays, as well as hammerhead sharks. However, it is the white-tip reef sharks that make the biggest impression. Their performance begins late at night. Marauding, they patrol in large groups through the reefs and hunt everything that moves. Scales and dead prey fish float above the reef – a welcoming change of diet for the ubiquitous barracudas.

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I’d love to do this just for the thrill and excitement factors. I love sharks but some of the these shots took nerve’s and balls to do. One mistake with a shark is bad let alone a battalion of them; great job to everyone involved in these dives.

That cage attack with The Great White was terrifying :0

That great white didn’t attack that cage. I’ve seen the FULL VIDEO. It was a paid cage dive to see and film Great Whites. The boat hand were dragging bait towards the cage to get the sharks close for the thrill effect. They drug the bait over the cage kinda to slow and the shark gave a boost to get the bait. He got STUCK in the large viewing/filming window. Great whites need to SWIM TO BREATHE! That’s why it freaked out and was thrashing. It wanted to BREATHE! Have someone hold your head underwater and see if you begin to thrash or not!

Another brilliant & beautiful film by Tesche & Bendelow!!!….and of course, th whole crew..absolutely mindblowing photography! It really is another fkn planet dwn there!!

40:31 Otodus megalodon was NOT the great-grandfather of all shark species. The earliest true sharks are dated to around 420 million years ago, but megalodon only appeared in the fossil record 23 million years ago. In fact, it left behind no descendants at all. We hype up megalodon a lot because it was probably the largest shark species to exist, but it was definitely NOT ancestral to all shark species like the narrator states.

U should try eating lionfish if u have not yet , it will be your new favorite fish to eat .

It was charming and pleasant. Also, thank you for the great song