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Wild Germany: The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau | Free Documentary Nature

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At 117 square kilometres(45 sq mi), the Müritz is the second largest lake in Germany (after Lake Constance) and the largest lake located entirely within German territory. But it is far from being the only one in the north east of the country.

The Mecklenburg Lake District, between Waren and Feldberg, contains around 2000 lakes alone. Thanks to the Müritz National Park the species diversity is particularly high in the region: half of the German crane population breeds in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; the osprey is typical of the Müritz area, the lively Eurasian otter hunts here and the endangered red milan circles the skies above.

Fred Bollmann, the former ranger and voluntary nature conservationist is actively involved in the preservation of ‘his’ wildlife world. Filming for this production took two years. The outcome is a unique portrait of this stunning region.

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A beautiful doc. Amazing photography, understandable narration which is never drowned out by the background sound. Thank you very much from Colorado.

Wild Germany is so beautiful it’s simply awesome to see Nature in its purist form I just adore these documentarys they show all of the animals, Flora and fauna alike brilliantly done. On behalf of majority of the viewer’s I want to thank you for sharing this wonderful story. Cheers guys 😉💜💖👍👌

This is a real beauty of nature and those German volunteers who feed the birds they are really the great one !

What a beautiful experience to be with u and ur awesome birds,more power and God bless u😊

Love nature, beautiful documental.

This channel needs more subscribers for their amazing work

16 animals are covered and 4 plants are mentioned in this documentary